Terms & Conditions

Work will not be commenced until full cleared payment has been received (usually via PayPal).

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

CV Shed accepts in good faith information which purchasers of its services provide, and is not in any way responsible for the accuracy of such information.  It is the responsibility of purchasers to ensure the accuracy and veracity of information provided and the information which is subsequently written into any document provided by CV Shed.

All documents are supplied in Microsoft Word format and emailed to the address provided.

LinkedIn profiles will not be uploaded online but issued as a document for the client to copy into their profile.

First drafts will be issued within 3 days of order (assuming all necessary information has been provided by the client, and not including weekends and public holidays).

If no change requests are received within 3 weeks of drafts being issued, CV Shed will assume approval of the document and close the order.  There may be an additional administration charge to reopen the order.

CV Shed cannot guarantee customers will receive interviews or job offers, as this is influenced by external factors including the quality of the other candidates and the suitability of the role.

Use of the CV provided by CV Shed constitutes acceptance of, and agreement with, the contents.  Your document will be amended free of charge until you are happy with the contents.